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Wireless Coverage Enhances Aspen Ski Resorts

In all-terrain vehicles and on foot, Pike Telecom field engineers conquered the powdery slopes while conducting small cell survey and node design services at the Aspen Mountain, Buttermilk, Snowmass and Highlands ski resorts. These major recreation destinations in the Rockies needed wireless coverage to satisfy vacationers expecting a first-class experience.

Pike Telecom handled all aspects of the project, including aerial route fiber design, node engineering, feasibility studies, power assessment, underground design, utility locates and conduit proofing. The total project incorporated over 120 small cell nodes to be installed on ski lift towers across the four mountains.

Our system allowed a national tower company to bring exceptional coverage to these four extremely popular resorts.

Super Bowl Network Helps Fans Share the Big Game

When Houston, Texas, was about to be inundated by fans during Super Bowl LI, Pike Telecom was hired to make sure spectators could stay connected for every play.

We designed over 500 small cell nodes in the downtown Houston area to accommodate the huge influx of fans and media. Development of this expansive small cell network required field survey, node engineering and design, site permitting and structural pole loading analysis. We also designed elevated platforms to hold client equipment in specific high-risk areas to conform to the region’s 100-year flood plain requirements.

Pike Telecom was able to speedily turn around this time-sensitive project to maximize coverage and minimize event stress.

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Wireline Capacity Upgrades Benefit Cape Cod Businesses

Pike Telecom was selected to upgrade broadband capacity in Cape Cod and eliminate network constraints that were hampering local economic development efforts. We addressed this challenge by designing and engineering the $40 million fiber-optic Cape Cod Network.

Working closely with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Pike Telecom designed over 400 miles of ADSS fiber-optic infrastructure, using our experience and industry relationships to streamline an installation process that required alignment with standards for government reporting, canal and river crossings, national seashore impacts and traffic restrictions. We also negotiated an accelerated timetable to meet critical project milestones.

The robust broadband network designed by Pike Telecom enhanced the competitive edge of local Cape Cod businesses, increasing revenue, reducing operating costs and attracting an increasingly skilled workforce.

Industry Relationships Deliver for New England Clients

Clients routinely turn to Pike Telecom when they need a partner to coordinate projects with numerous regional stakeholders.

Pike Telecom has designed and built hundreds of wireless nodes for our clients in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We have worked extensively with local planning groups, municipal permitting entities, cultural and arts councils, public improvement commissions, historic and community preservation committees, and water and sewer commissions. Pike Telecom has also streamlined difficult permitting processes using our extensive experience and strong relationships with utilities, pole owners and municipalities.

Our quick, cost-effective solutions bring much-needed mobile bandwidth and extended service coverage to populous areas within metro Boston and Cambridge.

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Fiber-to-the-Home Covers Communities in Atlanta, Georgia

In partnership with parent company Pike Electric, Pike Telecom offered a turnkey solution to bring better fiber-optic coverage to local homes in Atlanta, Georgia.

The project encompassed approximately 100,000 utility poles in downtown Atlanta and surrounding communities. Services provided included field survey and GPS locating, make-ready engineering and construction services, pole loading and structural analysis, and third-party attachment licensing.

We supported the local power companies by creating job cost estimates directly in utility asset management systems, leveraging a good working relationship between Pike Telecom and local power companies.

Distributed Antenna System Boosts Convention Coverage

As part of preparations for the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Charlotte, North Carolina, Pike Telecom was asked to serve in a turnkey capacity in creating a distributed antenna system network that could service the area.

For the DNC, employing a turnkey provider for the communications upgrade was key in coping with event pressures, such as heightened security restrictions, shifts in downtown traffic patterns and an accelerated implementation schedule. Pike Telecom handled this added complexity while providing node engineering and design, permit application, utility coordination, aerial fiber construction and testing, and node deployment and commissioning.

The final network featured dozens of wireless access nodes that provided coverage for convention participants and media outlets in downtown Charlotte around the Time Warner Cable Arena, the Charlotte Convention Center and the Bank of America Stadium.